The UtilityINFO Group (TUG)香港工程網絡資料集團

The UtilityINFO Group (TUG) offers a one-stop utility service. The services cover underground cable detection, utility survey, underground utility database, consultancy services, and training.

TUG is a group of professionals from different fields, including Utility Specialist (MHKIUS),Competent Person(CP),engineers, consultants and so on. TUG commits to the introduce and develop new technologies in order to provide customers utility-related professional services with high quality

Major customers include government departments, railway companies, main contractors, property management companies.


BUDA Surveying Ltd.

Database & Management Platforms
(數據及管綫資訊平台) For:
Utility Management System (管綫管理系統)
Data Management System (數據管理系統)
Drainage Level Monitoring System (排水水位監測系統)
Comprehensive Drainage Assessment & Management System (綜合排水評估及管理系統)
Conduit Condition Evaluation & Management System (管道狀況評估及管理系統)
Manhole Internal audit Assessment & Management System (沙井內部審計評估及管理系統)
Water Leakage Control & Management System (漏水控制管理)
BIM for Infrastructure (建築信息模型-基礎設施)

UtilityINFO(1Call) Ltd.

Utility Specialists (管綫專業監理師) For:
Locations Such As :
1Call Operation (Call before you doing)(CP一呼通,令您挖路更輕鬆)
Comprehensive Utility Survey (CUS) (綜合管綫調查) & Investigation (調研)
Ground Penetrating Radar Survey (GPR) (管綫雷達探測)
Condition Assessment(狀況評價) Such As:
Conduit Condition Evaluation (CCTV & ME Survey) (管道狀況評價(排水)) Manhole Internal Condition Survey (MHICS) (沙井狀況評價)
Water Leakage Detection (WLD) (漏水探測)
Buried Water Carrying Services (BWCS)(埋地下帶水設施勘測和維修)
Pipe Condition Surveys (PCS) (管道狀況評價)
Flow Survey (Flow) (流量監控)
Pipe Rehabilitation (PR) (管綫維修)

US & Associates Consulting Co., Ltd.

Consultants (專業顧問) For:
Building, Utility, Slope & Geotechnical and Infrastructure (建築, 管綫, 斜坡和岩土及基礎設施顧問)
Utility Projects Management (管綫項目管理)
Utility Data Management (管綫數據管理)
Long Range Conduit & Cables Condition Evaluation (e.g.: Oil, Gas, Water, Telecom…) (長距離管道及電纜狀況評價(例如:石油,煤氣,水,電訊…))
Cross Harbor & Near Shore Utility Survey (海底與近岸管綫調查)
Ultra Deep Utilities Investigations & Management (超深管綫調硏及管理)
Water Leakage Control & Management (漏水監控及管理)

Slope Condition Assessment (RMI,E1) & Management (斜坡狀況評估及管理)
Road Condition Assessment & Management (道路狀況評估及管理)
Tree Condition Assessment & Management (樹木狀況評估及管理)

Utility Training Institute (UTI)

Training & Education (培訓及教育)For:
Professional Training(專業培訓)
Institution (學會事務)
Networks (人際網絡)
Foundation Certificate For Utility Survey (管綫測量-基礎證書)
Professional Certificate For Utility Survey (管綫測量-專業證書)
Diploma For Utility Survey & Management (管綫測量及管理-文憑)
Professional Diploma For Utility Survey & Management(管綫測量及管理-專業文憑)

UTI Collaboration Partner (Malaysia) (UTI合作夥伴(馬來西亞) )

IEWM College (Level 4 National Diploma) (IEWM學院(4級國家文憑) ):

1. Diploma in Engineering Technology ( Trenchless Technology ) (工程技術文憑 (非開挖技術) )

2. Diploma in Engineering Technology ( Subsurface Utility Engineering ) (工程技術文憑(地下管綫工程))

3. Diploma in Infrastructure Asset Management (基礎設施資產管理文憑)

4. Diploma in Total Quality Management(全面品質管理文憑)

5. Diploma in Management Information System (管理信息系統文憑)


International Consultancy & Investment (國際顧問及投資) For:
Smart City (智慧城市) Smart metering Systems (智慧計量系統)
Energy audit & Low Carbon Solution (能源審計和低碳解決方案)
Energy Measurement Contracts (能源計量合約)
Utility Measurement Contracts (管綫計量合約)
Efficiency Measurement Contracts (效能計量合約)
Local District Management Platform (小區管理平台)
School Management Platform (校區管理平台)
Security & Emergency Operations Platform (應急預防方案平台)
Environment & Flow modeling (環境及流量模擬)
Total Assets management System (TAM)(綜合資產管理系統)
1Call Operation & Maintenance System (一呼通操作及維護系統)
Slope Condition Assessment & Management System (斜坡狀況評估及管理系統)
Road Condition Assessment & Management System (道路狀況評估及管理系統)
Tree Condition Assessment & Management System (樹木狀況評估及管理系統)
Professionals Service Provided by TUG Companies & SGIDI