Scope of Services
TUG mainly provides services of location survey, condition survey and management in the utility industry. The following are some details.


Location Survey 定位測量  

  • Comprehensive Utility Survey (Pipe Cable Locator Survey, PCL)

To locate and identify all underground utilities, including power and telephone cables, gas, water, drainage and waste pipes, by Non-destructive method and provide utility mapping with the depth and position of these utilities.

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  • CP Services

To provide utility specialist services for Utility Surveying for location, depth and condition. We will carry out the 8 steps designed by EMSD (Record plan collection, passive detection, trial pit supervision, active detection, ground marking, photo taking, written report preparation and site briefing).

  • GPR(Ground Penetrating Radar) Survey for utilities

To get information about changing ground characteristics with sending a radio signal or series of signal into the ground and then receives the reflected signal. It can detect the void and non-metallic object in underground.

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  • Topographical Survey

To obtain coordinates of the land features and the relevant natural and artificial features for the creation of a topographic map by using land surveying equipment, such as Total Stations, Surveying Tripods and Prisms.

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Condition Survey 狀況檢測  

  • Conduit Condition Evaluation

To inspect the internal conditions of pipeline with a camera which installed on a wheel tractor and can travel along various type and size of pipeline, the internal condition can be record in from of video and photo.

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  • Manhole Internal Condition Survey 

To Investigate manholes and to provide detailed information on the features and defects of the manholes for the design and construction of drainage works and data are recorded in a standardized Manhole Card.

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  • Advanced Leakage Detection of Buried Water Carrying Services Affecting Slopes

To inspect and test of Buried Water Carrying Services in Slope and Hillsides - Checking Typical Slope Condition. To inspect the potential risk on the slope which affect the stability and the structure of slope and therefore to prevent landslip.

  • Tree Condition Survey

To carry out both root inspection and trunk inspection and offer advanced non-invasive subsurface information as to the location, depth and density of tree roots, and further specialist investigations on tree decay.


  • Pipe Condition Surveys by other non-destructive methods

To assess the condition of the pipes buried underground by different surveys and techniques such as Conduit Condition Evaluation (CCTV and ME Survey), Coating Defects Survey and Water Leakage Detection depends on the situation.

  • Road Condition Survey

To locate voids and inspect ground structure and analyze road structure and void location by expert interpretation.

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  • Building Condition Survey

To carry out flaw detection, concrete cover and reinforcing bar (rebar) size measurement, in-situ concrete strength test, corrosion monitoring to ensure the safety and stability of an aged building.



Management 管理  

  • Flow Study in Drainage Conduit 

To measure the flow velocity and flow depth to calculate the flow rate by using flowmeters.

  • Water Leakage Detection and Management

To monitor, control, locate, localize and pin-point any suspected leaks from any pressurized water supply system.

  • Data Management for Utility Records

To arrange the data in an organized manner and establish a centralized database that gathers data from all utility undertakers and companies allows easy search and retrieval, so that utility information can be obtained more easily.

  • Utility Management 

To build a systematic utility system to make the installation of new utilities, maintenance of existing utilities and repair of deteriorated utilities easier.

  • Pipe Rehabilitation by Trenchless Technology 

To repair the underground pipeline by trenchless method without excavation including cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining, sliplining, close-fit-pipe lining and modified sliplining.

  • Project Management for Utility Industries

To plan, organize, motivate and control resources in utility projects systematically to make sure the survey procedure and progress in the right trick.

  • Building Information Modeling for Infrastructure

To build up a 3D model which is a digital representation of physical and functional characteristics of infrastructure.

  • Integrated Data Management System (IDMS)

To manage large amount of underground utilities information as well as to facilitate the effectiveness of management, data input and report generating.

  • Education and Training

To provide education and training to enhance the related knowledge and skills of utility practitioners. Our trainings include safety, CCTV, Utility Survey, Manhole Survey, Water Leakage Detection and etc.

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  • Standard Setting標準設立  

To build up a standard in utility industry to ensure the quality of work. Our publications for standard setting include "HKCCEC", Guideline, Method Statement, Pamphlet, Particular Specification and Work Procedure for different surveys.